Marriott Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores, Fitness Center

Marriott Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores, Fitness Center

We were on vacation this week at the fabulous Marriott Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores resort this week. Staying motivated while on vacation can be tough but I have been doing this for over 24 years and I have never missed working out longer than a week at a time. You can say it’s ingrained in me.

In any event, you never know what kind and type of facility you are going to get when you are on vacation so you need to have a broad repertoire to draw from and if you are new to the fitness game that’s okay, there’s plenty of resources out there to draw from. You can research the internet, contact the resort to see if there are any personal trainers available, skip the resort fitness center and head to a commercial gym, walk on the beach or around the resort if applicable to stay active instead of a formal workout, or you can seek the counsel from personal fitness coach who can write you a personal plan based on your facilities etc (my personal favorite, ha ha).

The Marriott is nice in all but they are not going to have a commercial gym setup as they need to cater to a broader market so typically you are going to find plenty of aerobic equipment, machines, dumbbells (up to 50lbs) and a multipurpose bench. Well that’s all I need because with dumbbells provide a degree of flexibility and versatility not offered by barbells so the Marriott setup was perfect. A good clean facility with TV’s on every aerobic machine, lifestyle weight machines, and 1-multipurpose bench – I am good to go.

The workout entailed the following exercises, sets and reps:

30m Recumbent bike

I always warm-up for 20-30min to raise my body’s core tempature to prepare it for the upcoming battle. There is various opinion about doing this as most trainers will tell you not to do more than 4-5m so as not to dip into your energy stores prior to your weight workout. And for most part this is true however my GOALS as I want the AEROBIC benefit as well as warmup because I only workout three times per week. Now I could perform the Aerobics at the end of the workout but let me tell you after a hard 40m workout there’s a 50/50 chance that I am not going to perform the Aerobic portion so I do it in the beginning so I kill two birds with one stone: warmup and aerobic benefit all in one package.

Shoulders: 6 sets (3 up rack and 3 down the rack)

There was a multipurpose bench in the facility but I decided to use the Lifestyle Should press machine and I performed 3 pyramiding sets up facing outward and 3 reverse pyramid sets down face toward the seat. Why change facing inward? Facing inward changes the angle of the movement and so slightly changes the movement recruiting more back muscles into the lift as facing outward the back is supported by the bench.

Shoulders Superset: 3sets – Arnold Press ss/ Bent laterals ss/ Side laterals

A superset or giant set is when you perform a exercises back to back with minimal rest. Supersets are usually performed with antagonistic muscle groups; for example, biceps and triceps but not always. When exercises are performed back to back working the same muscle group that is usually called a Giant set. In the case, above it can go either way as I worked the entire shoulder from all sides as technically front delts are antagonistic to rear delts. Oh by the way, this is actually 9 sets as I working 3 exercises X 3 sets.

Arms: Superset: 2 sets – Tricep machine ss/ Underhandgrip Pulldowns

Keep in mind this gym had 6 Lifestyle weight machines – yep that’s it. Chest, Shoulders, Legs, Abs, Triceps, Back – that’s it. However, this is plenty to work with plus you have the dumbbells and the multipurpose bench too. I decided to superset Triceps machine with the Back machine (Underhandgrip pulldowns), yes a Back machine. Why? Because with most Back exercises you are going to use your arms specifically your biceps to PULL move your body through space. Pull-ups especially underhand grip pull-ups are the perfect bicep builder and they work your back, shoulders, and chest too – an all around bodybuilding exercise. It’s a multiple joint exercise as it works through shoulders and elbows making it an incredible all-in-one exercise. So I didn’t need to do dumbbell or barbell curls.

I gotta say even though it didn’t have all the machines I am used to having working out in facilities like this force you to be creative in your workout routines and sometimes you get a better workout from that and it was a great workout. My entire upper body was pumped.

Benny Jones Jr., Fitness-Weightloss Consultant, After Shoulders & Arms Workout, At Marriott Singer Island Resort, Palm Beach Shores, West Palm Beach

Benny Jones Jr., Fitness-Weightloss Consultant, After Shoulders & Arms Workout, At Marriott Singer Island Resort, Palm Beach Shores, West Palm Beach

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