Today is a high carb day for me as I am following a variation of Joel Marion’s Cheat to Lose philosophy where you have 2 low-carb days, 2-low glycemic days, 2-high glycemic days, and 1-cheat day. Although I found the science and the philosophy sound, I instantly understood why this diet was not a big hit because you have to do to much thinking and planning. You have to remember what day is it, is it low carb day or low glycemic day.

Over the past several years I have been a big fan of the Paleo diet while having moderate fruits and lots of veggies. I have been able to maintain my weight and bodyfat and all my vitals have been normal however I haven’t improved either. Recently, I stated to read other nutritional philosophies and although I think Paleo is the best diet for overall health especially for someone with metabolic issues it probably isn’t the best diet for athletes or for someone requiring a broader array of nutritional needs.

I currently have split my nutritional needs as follows:

Non-Workout days: 2288 calories (40% protein – 30% carb – 30% fat)

Workout days: 2704 calories (40% carbs  – 30% protein – 30% fat)

Additionally, I follow a periodization plan based on the 5/3/1 periodization methodology as follows:

Tuesday: Chest & Back, 70% of 1RM

Chest Superset with Back

Warm-up: 20min Lifecyle @ 130Watt

Bodyweight Pull-ups: 2 X 12 Superset with Pushups: 2 X 20

DB Bench: 3 X 10 – 12  reps Superset with DB Rows: 3 X 10 – 12  reps

Machine Incline Bench: 3 X 10 – 12  reps Superset with Seated Rows: 3 X 10 – 12  reps

Bodyweight Dips: 3 X 10 – 12  reps Superset with Undergrip Pullups: 3 X 10 – 12  reps

Pecdeck: 3 X 10 – 12  reps Superset with Rear-Peck Deck: 3 X 10 – 12  reps

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Benny Jones

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Benny earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida in Exercise and Sport Science. Benny believes a well balanced wellness program should encompass flexibility, strength, balanced clean diet, and proper rest. Connect with us on our Google Plus Page Active. Healthy. Well.