The 4-Hour Body

The 4-Hour Body (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was tired from lack of sleep from the night before so I decided that I would use the #MED or Minimum Effective Dose (a la Tim Ferris, 4-Hour Body, pick it up it’s a good book) required in time/sets/reps, so I did 1-2 sets of maximum intensity exercises:


Warm up

Lifecycle: 4-minute warmup;

Exercise Group-1

1: Smith Machine Bench press: 45X2X20; 45X4X10, 45X6X8 superset with (ss/w) DB-Rows: 100X10X2;

Exercise Group-2:

Rev Machine Dips: 250X10X1 ss/w DB-Rows: 105X10X1; Dips ss/w Underhandgrip pullups: 20X1/15X1 (@BW 220lbs)

MED completed in 30-minutes…


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