I love shoulders and arms and I think it’s my favorite muscle group to train. Breakfast consisted of 2-red potatoes; 2 egg sandwiches; Warmup 4-min bike


Axillary artery and its branches - anterior vi...

Axillary artery and its branches – anterior view of right upper limb and thorax. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Shoulder warmup

DB-Curl-ups (curl db ups like a curl then lift them overhead like a Arnold press) 30X2X10

Exercise Group-1

DB-Deadlifts supersetted with (ss/w) DB-Press: 50X2X8;

DB-Curlups: 40X8X12; Bent-laterals ss/w Side-laterals ss/w Hammer-Curlups: 30X2X12;

Exercise Group-2

Overhead Triceps pressdowns ss/w Machine preacher curls: 130X20/80X10X1; 130X15/100X10X1 –

Total time 60-minutes and the pump was nice too […]



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