Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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Health club main workout area Category:Gyms_and_Health_Clubs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am working 4 X 10 hours day during the summer but Friday’s are off however I am working on a fence project this weekend but I wanted to get in a brief workout.

I started the workout off with a 4 minute workout and the workout progressed as follows:

Giant set 1:

Leg Press: 2X45X40

Seated Row: 180 X 10

Cable Bench:  100X 12

Giant set 2:

Leg Press: 4X45X20

Pullups: BW X 10

Dips: BW X 12

Giant set 3:

Leg Press: 4X45X20

DB Bench: 90 X 10

DB Rows: 90 X 10

That was it for weights and thereafter I hit performed some cardio work as follows:

Lifecycle: 10 minute HIT (1:00 min low – 30 – 50 watts  / 30 second high intensity – 300-400 watts)

Treadmill: 20 minutes at low intensity 3.5MPH


Total workout time: 45min





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