If you are planning on leaving the hearth this winter and stepping outside, you may be worrying about what the season can do to your looks. Our faces and hands, as the exposed parts of our bodies are likely to suffer from the cold weather. Lips in particular can become rapidly un-kissable during winter. Hair can become very dry and brittle as a consequence of the amount of time spent indoors with heating. There are a few winter beauty buys however which can help you look marvellous all the way till March.

Our skin, as wonderful an organ as it is suffers ever so much in wintertime. The skin has a natural protective outer layer which helps keep the skin moist and stops it drying out. Winter weather conditions such as cold temperatures and harsh winds can deplete this layer exposing our skin and making us more prone to dry, flaky or even itchy skin.

The best beauty buys to help combat the dry skin problem are firstly good hand and body creams. Every time you wash your hands or take a shower it`s really important to moisturise. Natural oil based moisturisers such as those made with coconut or olive oil are great for giving skin that extra moisture it needs during winter time. The same advice goes for your face. Pat dry after washing and apply moisturiser immediately.

Lips need to stay supple and kissable during winter but unfortunately they can easily go dry and flaky. Buy your lip balm early in the season and always have it close to hand. Ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter and beeswax are great for keeping lips smooth and gorgeous.

After you`ve sorted your skincare and made sure your skin is going to stay looking lovely all winter long, it`s time to start looking at your make up. Just like our wardrobes, our makeup bags need an overhaul with the season change. It`s time to chuck out old mascaras and look at getting some winter friendly make up. It`s best to tone down the bronzers in winter and go for a colour that matches your natural skin colour. It`s much harder to carry off a supposed facial tan when it`s 3 degrees outside and you may end up just looking orange compared to everyone else. For eye shadows and lip glosses this is really the best time of year to shine. When Christmas comes and everything sparkles and glitters make sure you do to with some great sparkly make up.

Moisturisers and foundations still need to have at least a 15SPF in them during winter as the sun`s rays are still there. The sun can have a damaging effect on the aging of your skin if you are not careful about protecting it.

The best beauty buys this season are creams and balms which protect your skin as well as make up which helps show your natural shine. Buying your winter beauty buys doesn`t have to be expensive with great deals such as Boots vouchers available to help pay the way.

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Christy is a Certified Wellness Coach and has a passion for empowering and educating individuals. She has over 10 years experience in the Health and Wellness industry and continues to pursue health and wellness activities through weight training, aerobics, and dance. Connect with us on our Google Plus Page Active. Healthy. Well.