“You must unlearn what you have learned” -Yoda


Every day we are bombarded with messages on how to lose weight, firm up, tone our arms, flatten our tummy, detox, sleep better, etc. There is no shortage of information on how to get the results you are looking for. But what if everything you’ve been taught, learned through Google, and even paid experts to teach you is all wrong? Or doesn’t work for YOU?

Information that has been ingrained in us or that is even passed on to us by experts, doctors, or top leaders is hard to ignore. I often hear comments like “Dr. Oz says take this pill to burn fat” or “my doctor told me to exercise 5 days per week” or my personal favorite “I can only eat 1200 calories or less to lose weight”. Really??? There is no magic pill, exercising 5 days per week will not guarantee weight loss, and 1200 calories or less is starvation!

I’ve been on a mission for a while…a mission to lose weight, get control over my hormones, and stop my migraines. I can now say I’m successful with 2 out of the 3 goals. And I’ve done all of this with food. If there is any “magic pill”, it’s food. It can be used as medicine or as a drug. I don’t believe you need to drink shakes or take tons of supplements to get healthy – it can be done with real, whole foods. Not packaged foods, not processed foods (powders/shakes are processed), but wholesome foods with tons of nutrients.

My mission has led me to a place of having to unlearn everything I’ve ever been taught. My dietary approach has helped me to heal my metabolism, give me tight blood sugar control, and has helped me lose fat (not just scale weight). I’m doing everything against what the mainstream experts tell us to do. I do not eat a SAD  diet (Standard American Diet). What I eat/how I eat is not the “norm”….BUT IT WORKS! Are you willing to open your mind and UNLEARN EVERYTHING? It takes courage to take control of your health and go against the grain, but it is worth it. I guarantee it 🙂

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Christy is a Certified Wellness Coach and has a passion for empowering and educating individuals. She has over 10 years experience in the Health and Wellness industry and continues to pursue health and wellness activities through weight training, aerobics, and dance. Connect with us on our Google Plus Page Active. Healthy. Well.