1 – Eat Real Food

Some weightloss services will have you eating packaged and processed foods on very low calorie diet plans. Our suggested plan you’ll eat eat real food including but not limited to steak, beef, chicken, fish, potatoes, rice, greens, green beans, mixed vegetables, butter, duck fat, coconut oil and more. You will not go hungry on this plan. The bottom line is if you want to heal the body and lose the weight you’ve got to eat real food that you prepare yourself and eliminate processed and packaged foods.

2 – Learn How To Cook

Since you’ll be eating ‘real food’ you’ve got to know how to cook and prepare it to succeed and sustain weight-loss. We’ll show you how to prepare, measure, and cook food for optimal weight-loss.

3 – Well Shopping Trips

Per above, since you’ll be eating and preparing real food, you have to know what and how much to buy so we’ll take you shopping (local central florida residents only others we’ll get assistance via phone) at Whole Foods because we like organic or any super market that fits your budget.

4 – Wellness Coaching

You’ll receive wellness coaching from a certified wellness coach who has over 10 years experience in the health and fitness field and who has been there and done that. A WC who is speaking from experience losing over 50lbs over the course of 6-months beating back hormone and sugar issues.

5 – Refund & Incentives

We’re so confident in our suggested protocol we’re one of the only weight-loss companies willing to put our money where our mouth is with a ‘money-back guarantee’ and incentive plan giving you back a portion of the plan fee upon hitting your weight-loss goals (see refunds and incentives). Go ahead and check out the other weight-loss services to see if they offer money-back guarantee.

6 – Group Phone Coaching

There’s a lot of online weight-loss coaching services however very few will talk with you over the phone because it’s not scalable however we believe that it’s the power of the group and social support that one of the keys in actuating weight-loss.

7 – 1-to-1 Laser Coaching

Losing weight is extremely hard as evidence by our obese population and you’ve seen many successful people struggle publicly with their weight issues such as Kirstey Alley and Oprah because it’s one of the hardest things to beat. People gain weight for many reasons including but not limited to emotional trauma, abuse, body dysmorphia, depression, and other social, emotional, mental components that even superman himself couldn’t beat by himself that’s why we offer – laser coaching. Laser coaching is there when you need it – it’s a quick 10-minute conversation with someone who cares that will listen keeping you on track and accountable.

8 – Video Coaching

Another modality and tool to use to facilitate and foster group mentoring, support, accountability and coaching. We’ll use skype or google hangouts.

9 – Support, Mentoring, & Accountability

Per above the power of the group support with the guidance of a coach is powerful stuff and it’s proven that people who have expert mentors and coaches and are surrounded by driven peers – and who actively take advantage of those resources – are much more likely to reach their goals than those without either. Active. Healthy. Well. will provide the resources and supportive environment for you to succeed if you choose to do so.

10 – Experience & Perspective

We’ve been you’re at, we’ve gone where you want to go and we speak from experience and understand both the weight-loss struggle and the fitness competitor mindset.

Christy Jones was a cheerleader throughout high school and spent a season as a professional cheerleader for Jacksonville Jaguars. Christy has over 15 years experience in the Health and Wellness industry and earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida in Health Science Education with a focus on Health Promotion and Wellness. She is a certified Health & Wellness Coach through WellCoaches Inc. Christy knows what it takes to prepare and compete at a high-level and she knows the other side too. As a mother she knows all to well the difficulties and feelings of guilt trying to split time for herself and her family. Christy has gained (60lbs) and lost weight (50lbs) over the past couple of years and knows the toll that can have on you mentally, spiritually, and physically. Moreover experiencing weight gain due to hormonal imbalances taught her how to be patient, resilient, and to continue forward with being her own health advocate.

Benny played sports most of his adult life starting with pop warner at age 10 continuing into high school where he played quarterback throughout his high school career. Benny was a walk-on at the University of Florida and to be competitive at that level he had to gain 25lbs (175 – 200lbs) which meant nutrition and fitness was paramount to his success. Benny continued his love of sports, exercise, and conditioning by earning a Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida in Exercise and Sport Science. During his tenure he performed over 1500 hours of personal fitness assessments and consultations where he gained extensive experience in nutrition counseling, exercise prescription and assessment. Benny specializes in strength conditioning training, program design, personal training, and nutrition counseling. Benny believes a well balanced program should encompass a flexibility, strength, real food, and proper rest.