Try the ultimate energy mix to take your running on to the next level, starting block, within wherever your weeks.


Mix it all up. Stick it in a zip lock bag. Chomp and hit the running trails and run forest run.

Combine the ultimate energy mix ingredients

20g popcorn

Popcom is high in fibre, low in fat and a great way to fill you up.

3 tablespoons of raw almond slivers

Almonds are packed with magnesium and potassium to stop cramps.

3 tablespoons of peanut butter

Peanuts add protein and 35% of your tryptophan RDA, to boost performance.

Handful raisins

Antioxidants in raisins help neutralize free radicals caused by exercise.

Handful of cranberries

The antibacterial properties of cranberries aid your kidney function.

Cinnamon to taste

Cinnamon balances blood sugar levels to help you perform better for longer.


0 – 5K Distance

Complete the four sessions weekly, resting a day between each running session. Think in minutes and train at a pace based on your perceived exertion. So if 9/10 is your race pace, 6/10 is a recovery.

Weekly Training: 6-weeks

  • Speed: 5x3min at 9/10 with go sec at 6/10 between each
  • Threshold: 4x5min at 8/10 with 2-minute at 6/10
  • Long run: 25-minute at 6-7/10 and 5-minutes a week
  • Cross-train: Row: 5X1000m at 9/10 with 90-second at 6/10 between each

5k – 10k Distance

The secret of a good 10K is the right blend of endurance and speed. For this you’ll need to up your anaerobic threshold pace. Complete the four different sessions every week with a day’s rest in between each running session.

Weekly Training: 8-weeks

  • Speed: 10X3-minute at 9/10 with 90-second at 6/10 between each
  • Threshold: 3X6-minute at 8/10 with 2-minute at 6/10 between each. Build up to 6X6-minute
  • Long run: 30-minute at 6/10 adding 5-minute each week. Drop back to 30min on the 4th week.
  • Cross-train: Versa climber or cross-trainer: 6X5-minute; reps 1, 3, 5 at 8/10 and reps 2, 4, 6 at 9/10


This claim is a bit of a stretch. Researcher at the University of Sydney found stretching before lifting doesn’t significantly reduce your injury risk, instead warm up with 10-minutes of light cardio, which gets the blood flowing through muscles.

Source: Men’s Health

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