A revolutionary discovery called the Fetal Origins of Chronic Disease is changing how we eat during pregnancy. Now, pregnant women can choose a diet that not only influences their babies’ health at birth — but also has an impact on the health of the adults their babies will become.

The focus of national media attention, the Fetal Origins research has shown that conditions in the womb directly affect, years later, a person’s susceptibility to diseases in adulthood, such as

Heart Disease * High Blood * Pressure * Stroke * Diabetes * Breast Cancer * Obesity * Asthma * Psychiatric Disorders

“The Gift of Health provides expectant mothers with an easy-to-follow eating plan drawn from the cutting-edge research of fetal-science pioneer Dr. Karin Michels and developed by Kristine Napier, one of the country’s leading nutritional experts. Divided into four two-week plans tailored to each stage of pregnancy, and featuring more than one hundred easy recipes for flavor-packed dishes that truly satisfy, their diet gives women the guidelines to help: maximize nutrient intake during pregnancy prevent under-nutrition in the first and third trimesters prevent excessive weight gain in the second trimester.

Lifestyle and genetics play a role in adult illness and disease. But by adhering to a diet of exceptional nutrition during pregnancy, you can give your child a priceless gift — good health for a lifetime.

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