The best fruit for lowcarbers -

While some fruits are indeed too high in fructose to fit easily into a carb-conscious plan, still more are nutritional powerhouses packed with the nutrients and fiber your body needs. South Beach diet creator Arthur Agatston, M.D.,  advised changing the way we think about fruits, such as bananas — formerly off limits due to their high GI; however, Dr. Agatston commented that because bananas are so rich in fiber, potassium and vitamins C and B6 he now deems them acceptable for low-carbers — as long as you stick with a maximum four-ounce portion (one medium banana or less).

A guide to your best low-carb/low glycemic-index (GI) fruit choices.


1 large

1 lg carbs

2.3g fiber


1/2 cup, halves

5.8g carbs

1.5g fiber


1 large

17.4g carbs

3.6g fiber


1/8 wedge

5.6g carbs

<1g fiber

Green Grapes

1/2 cup

14.5g carbs

<1g fiber


1/2 cup diced, fresh

9.8g carbs

1.1g fiber


1 medium

25.7g carbs

5.2g fiber


1 medium

9.4g carbs

1.5g fiber


1/2 cup

10.5g carbs

1.8g fiber

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