The top three reasons low carb diets succeed and fail

Low Carb Success Secrets   Do not skip meals. Eat three regular-size meals a day, or four or five smaller meals. Do not go more than six waking hours without eating. Some people need a snack at the four-hour mark. Eat enough protein. Consume it in the form of poultry, fish, shellfish, meat and eggs, [...]

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Battle for the Belly

IMPORTANT! BATTLE FOR YOUR BELLY - 75-80% of your immunity and what you look and feel like is related to DIET. The saying you are what you eat holds true. More research is leading back to diet causing the following issues including: allergies, arthritis, asthma, autoimmune diseases, depression, headache, fatigue, infections, muscle pain, liver problems, [...]

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How to calculate your calorie expenditure using resting basal metabolic rate?

According to Dr. Berning, Associate Professor of  Nutrition at the University of Colorado, to estimate how many calories you are burning  the simple step-by-step formula below for women uses Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) as a basis for the calculation. What is metabolism? Metabolism is the biochemical process of combining nutrients with oxygen to release the [...]

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