6 walking lessons that will make you healthier and more productive

Posture and movement problems can hamper your ability to move fluidly. In a perfect gait, you have muscle balance, or equal strength in the opposing muscles and when you use one muscle more than the others, it creates an imbalance that affects how you move and walk. Correcting such imbalances reintroduces ease into your stride. [...]

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5 Weightloss Motivation Tips

Losing weight should be simple; the math tells us that all we have to do is burn more calories than we take in. If it truly were that easy, no one would be struggling the way millions do every single day. Staying motivated, especially if you have more than 20 or so pounds to lose, [...]

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Self-Care: Giving to yourself; the value of self-care

Self-care Wellness/Self-care is a crucial part of maintaining wellness and good health and is an optimum quality of life both in the present and for the future. It may be helpful to think of self-care as a way of living that consistently incorporates behaviors to help you revitalize renewing your energy, motivation and personal growth. [...]

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