6 walking lessons that will make you healthier and more productive

Posture and movement problems can hamper your ability to move fluidly. In a perfect gait, you have muscle balance, or equal strength in the opposing muscles and when you use one muscle more than the others, it creates an imbalance that affects how you move and walk. Correcting such imbalances reintroduces ease into your stride. [...]

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Everyone’s a fitness expert

When I was pregnant I blogged about all of the "experts" that gave me advice day in and day out.  Now that I'm losing weight (again!), the experts are coming out!  It's amazing how much misinformation is out there.  From low carb to no carb, low reps to high reps, it's no wonder how and [...]

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What is Wellness, Health & Fitness Coaching

I am convinced that more and more people in our generation (20 - 50) and generations past (60 +) could benefit from some type of coaching either: life coaching or wellness coaching… Wellness coaching model is based on the transtheoretical model (TTM) — currently, the most popular stage model in health psychology (Horwath, 1999) — [...]

Life support: Getting the help you need to stay healthy

You keep promising yourself that you will get healthy for good. But when you are on your own, you're more likely to lose your energy, your motivation and your ability to remember why donuts and ice cream were so bad in the first place. If you need a way to keep yourself on track find [...]