The best pre-workout fuels to improve performance

The Perfect Pre-workout fuel Eat the right fuel to prepare the workout can be critical to having an exceptional workout and sub-par workout.   Pre-Workout Fuel for Football Time: Eat 5m before activity Fuel: Simple and Complex Carbs (ie: Jam Sandwich) Why: Fast release carbs with the addition of complex carbs give your blood sugar [...]


Yield: 1 Servings 3 lb Lean beef stew meat cut into 1 1/2 Inch pieces 1 ts Salt 1/2 ts Pepper 2 md Onions thinly sliced 1 8 oz. can mushrooms (or Pieces) un-drained 1 12 oz. can of beer (I prefer a dark beer, and My favorite dark beer is Negro Modelo, a Mexican [...]

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Beef Short Ribs Adobo With Spinach | Wellness Recipe

Yield: 6 Servings 4 lb Beef short ribs - well trimmed 3/4 c  White vinegar 1 1/2 c  Water 3 tb Light soy sauce 6    Garlic cloves; peeled 2    Shallots; chopped 1 ts Coarsely ground black pepper 1/2 ts Salt 2    Bay leaves 2 tb Vegetable oil 2 bn Fresh spinach; blanched HAVE [...]

Beef Salad | Wellness Recipe

Yield: 4 Servings 2 c  Pot roast, cold, julienne 3 tb Red wine vinegar 1/2 ts Salt 1 ds Pepper 2 ts Dijon mustard 1/2 c  Olive oil 3 tb Parsley, finely chopped 2 tb Capers, drained and coursely -chopped 1    Garlic clove, minced 2    Red onions sliced 2    Tomatoes, peeled and sliced 1/2 c  [...]

Beef Jerky BBQ

Yield: 1 Servings 1 lb Beef loin tip; paper thin <<>> 1 lb Beef brisket; paper thin <<>> 1 lb Tenderloin; 1/8" to 1/4" Barbecue sauce without sugar Onion salt; to taste Garlic salt; to taste If necessary, roll out meat slices as thin as possible. Trim off fat. Set oven at 220~ and line [...]

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Four common frequently asked fitness questions and their surprising answers

Why do muscles shake during exercise? Shaking is triggered by an increase in lactic acid and is  your body’s way of preventing you from injuring yourself, says Bob Greene, a trainer and author of Best Life and Oprah‘s personal trainer. “There’s also a certain amount of microtrauma that naturally occurs when you strength-train,” he explains. [...]

Try these three moves for a sexy beach body and a firmer glutes aka butt

The GLUTES (aka butt or buttocks) is one of muscles that’s hard to hide and many people underutilize one of the most powerful and curvaceous muscles of the body. Since most work nowadays is office work otherwise known as “knowledge work” and we are all affectionately called knowledge workers and we’re all developing flat mushy [...]

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The top three reasons low carb diets succeed and fail

Low Carb Success Secrets   Do not skip meals. Eat three regular-size meals a day, or four or five smaller meals. Do not go more than six waking hours without eating. Some people need a snack at the four-hour mark. Eat enough protein. Consume it in the form of poultry, fish, shellfish, meat and eggs, [...]

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Three Clean Eating Weight-loss Diet Tips & Frequently Asked Questions To Lead an Active Healthy Well Lifestyle

1. Why Clean Eating is Right for Your Body & Why it's important for Weight-loss It seems like everywhere you turn, someone is talking about clean eating. So what is all the hoopla about and what does “clean eating” actually mean anyways? No, it doesn’t mean you are eating food that has been run through the [...]

The best fruit choices for low-carbers

While some fruits are indeed too high in fructose to fit easily into a carb-conscious plan, still more are nutritional powerhouses packed with the nutrients and fiber your body needs. South Beach diet creator Arthur Agatston, M.D.,  advised changing the way we think about fruits, such as bananas — formerly off limits due to their [...]

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