Workout, Chest & Back, 12/20/11

Chest & Back Workout Workout started out slow (2/5) after I performed a 4min warm-up on the lifecycle I started the the workout with two sets of pushups superset with pull ups (see below). As the workout progressed and the music from personal Spotify play list (see below) picked so did my intensity. My pre-workout [...]

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Workout, Chest & Back, 12/6/11

On workout days, my calories are higher as I follow the Cheat to Lose diet methodology whereby I vary my calories based on my activities; however my macros stay the same. My diet on workout days is as follows and keep in mind this is a custom diet based on my body-weight and goals. Food [...]

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Turning Set-Backs Into Set-Ups

After being consistent and dedicated to my plan for 9 weeks, I had a set-back.  Although I've been working out hard and dieting (please don't think I'm eating low-cal!), the scale doesn't seem to be matching my efforts and it was suggested to me that I may have a thyroid issue.  I admit, I have [...]

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