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So let’s stop for a moment and reflect on the idea that you are serious about the change you want to create in your life and are ready to unleash your potential towards creating the healthy lifestyle you are longing for.

Kristy W, 2013 Daytona Beach, Florida, Bodybuilding Classic, September 21, 2012 - Active. Healthy. Well.

Kristy W., 1st Place, Women over 35, 2012 Daytona Beach Florida Bodybuilding Classic

“Good Morning my Dream Team 🙂

Here are my updates for this week. I took my pics in my suit this am, so don’t make fun of my two tone booty 🙂 I’m seeing still a little saddle bag on each leg and where the hamstring & glute meets that I need to get rid of. The suit is fitting good now! I’m so happy with my progress the last couple of weeks. I want to talk about the Paleo lifestyle and how my meal plans would work for the building phase after my Nov 3rd show. One being how the carbs portion would work. I’m still reading on it and have a lot more to look at! I just think that the higher fat works for me or gives me a lttle better results. Thanks to both of you!! You don’t know how much you have done for me & what it means to me! Physically & emotionally! Count down of 7 days.”

Kristy W., Palm Coast, Florida

Kristi W, 1st place 2012 Daytona Florida Bodybuilding Classic

Pre-Judging photo with Kristy W., September 21, 2012

2012 Daytona Beach Florida Bodybuilding Classic


We’re Here To Help You Achieve Your Goal.

Over 50 years combined health and wellness experience

We’ll teach you the ‘why’ which is just as important as the ‘what’ in all aspects of personal health and wellness. We believe the foundation of optimal health and wellness is based on behavior change, nutrition and fitness, in that order. Our health and wellness program is based on the science and research developed by the top health experts in the industry.

We’ve helped our customers transform their lives and more importantly we’ve, helped these individuals maintain and continue to lose weight helping them achieve life-long and sustainable weight-loss practices.

Though the only success story that matters is yours, our previous customers can give you a pretty good idea of the life-changing results you can expect to experience working with us.

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Customer Success Stories

“Christy used wellness coaching effectively”

…It’s hard to say because I think I saw you more as an accountability touch point. As you mentioned several times I came in very motivated having sought you out to facilitate what I had started as opposed to someone who may use your service to placate a spouse, parent or other significant person in their life. If you will, Tiger Woods still has a coach/mentor even though he is considered the greatest golfer in the world. I think I was seeking someone to give me live feedback and technique which you can’t get from a book…”

– Ed F., Jacksonville, Florida

“Christy helped me put proper perspective on life as far as mind, body, emotional state and relationships to work, family, and friends… My experience exceeded my expectations, as I didn’t know what to expect only that I needed some guidance. Christy is a great listener and I guess she felt and told me what I needed to know that made all the difference for me.”
Michael K., Jacksonville, Florida
“I had specific weightloss requirements that I needed to meet in order to qualify for a specific program and Christy provided the plan, diet and coaching that transcended the short-term goal that I had and has allowed me to maintain my weight.”
Dr. Robert F., Fleming Island, Florida
“Christy without a doubt is skilled at what she does even though our contact has been via phone she is really personable and down to earth… Christy is reassuring and has a way of getting down to the nitty gritty.”
Koko P., Jacksonville, FL
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Confused About It All? No Plan? Stuck? Information Overload? We Can Help!

You blame your excess weight on a number of factors – slow metabolism, thyroid disease, bad knees or bad genes etc.

Maybe you think your metabolism is slow because you don’t get enough exercise. Or you you need support and you don’t always take your medication (thyroid, blood pressure, diabetes etc). And it’s possible that you gain weight even though you’re active and on your feet and moving all day.

Do you love to eat and love the process of picking out the ingredients and cooking a meal? Do you have an eclectic food tastes where you may have Southern-fried chicken dinner one day, corned-beef boiled dinner the next or a Creole-cream sauce over rice on another night and may enjoy craft beers, wine and cocktails?

Well that was me too until I said enough is enough – I had gained 60lbs and no matter what I did – workout 5days a week, diet, etc. – I couldn’t lose the weight.

Sign up for the FREE Discover Session to hear my story about how I beat the pregnancy weight, sluggish thyroid, hormonal imbalances and reclaimed my metabolism! I’ll provide some tips that you can put into practice right away.

Christy Jones, Certified Wellness Coach, Before and After Photo

That was me in 2013 at 213lbs. Do I look happy [sarcasm]? I lost 25lbs prior to giving birth to my daughter in 2009 and during the pregnancy I gained 20lbs gaining all the weight back I lost previously and gained an additional 20lbs more totaling 60lbs due to hormonal imbalances caused by the pregnancy and stress.

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Success & Testimonials Continued

“With so many things going on in my life I didn’t want to think about another thing especially exercise, so I contacted Benny & Christy to help me integrate nutrition and exercise into my hectic life. Benny and Christy collaborated with me to produce a plan that was realistic, met my priorities, and allowed me to meet my goals. These two are the best, a true 1,2 punch. If you are looking for fitness professionals who are caring, empathetic, and who truly care for your well being give them a call.”
Jennifer P., Palm Coast, FL
Benny & Christy helped me plan and prepare for the 50-mile, Sanfelasco race in Gainesville, Florida. They listened to my goals and created an 8-week plan including exercises, bike plan, nutrition and supplements. I know without their help and support I would not have been able to finish the race. Kudos to them – I will call upon them again to help me prepare for my next race.”
John S., Gainesville, Florida

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