What’s the fastest way to burn off calories and stubborn fat? High-Intensity sculpting moves done in an interval format and cardio like jumping rope and you’ll transform a total-body strength workout into a super-sculpting 45-minute circuit fat blasting routine. Do the circuit four times in order, resting for a minute after each round.

  • Warm up and cool down for two to three minutes as well.
  • Circuit-1: Do each move for two minutes and take 30 seconds to switch stations.
  • Circuit-2: Do each move for one minute with 20 seconds in between.
  • Circuit-3: Do each move for 45 seconds with 10 seconds in between.
  • Circuit-4: Do each move for 30 seconds with 10 seconds in between.

Perform this 400-calorie a total-body strength super-sculpting flab blasting 45-minute routine three or four times a week.

Exercise-1: Lunges (targets legs, butt, shoulders, biceps)

Lunges (targets legs, butt, shoulders, biceps) | Active. Healthy. Well.

1) Holding a 3- to 5-pound weight in each hand, arms at sides and palms facing in, lunge forward with right foot. As you lunge, raise hands to chest height (palms face in) in front of you. Lower hands and step back to start.

2) Repeat with left leg, curling hands toward shoulders and keeping elbows at sides. Lower hands and step back to start. Repeat from side to side, changing arm position each time.

Advanced Lunges-1 (targets legs, butt, shoulders, biceps)

Holding a weight or medicine ball in front of you, stand with feet wide, toes forward. Turn to your left (make sure both feet pivot all the way to the left to avoid stressing the knee), lower into a lunge, and bring weight to outside of left thigh. Stand up, pivot entire body and feet 180 degrees to the right, and raise weight in front of you to head height (keep front knee slightly bent). Return to left side and repeat 3 times, then start on right side and repeat back and forth (do 4 lunges per leg each time).

Advanced Lunges-2 (targets outer thighs, butt, shoulders, back)

Place two cones (or whatever you can find that’s handy, books, cans, etc.) 3 to 4 feet apart on the floor. Holding a medicine ball or other heavy object, stand with right foot behind right cone, left toes about 12 inches behind and slightly to the right of your front foot. Lower into a lunge, lean forward slightly, and lower ball toward floor outside of right foot. Rise, bringing ball overhead and to the left in an arc as you step or hop left foot to left cone. Bring right foot about a foot behind and slightly to left of front foot as you lower the ball toward the floor outside of left foot. Repeat back and forth.

Exercise-2: Jumping Rope (targets legs, biceps)

Jumping Rope (targets legs, biceps) | Active. Healthy. Well.

Jump quickly, rising just a few inches off the floor each time so you can hop faster. Keep your arms close to your body as you rotate the rope. Try to hop just once for each turn of the rope (no in-between jumps).

Exercise-3: Crunches (targets abs)

Crunches (targets abs) | Active. Healthy. Well.


Center yourself on a Bosu ball or mat so your tailbone up to your mid-back is supported. Place hands behind head and feet shoulder-width apart on floor. Start with torso parallel to floor, then slowly exhale and crunch chest and hips (not shown) toward ceiling (you’ll lift only a few inches). Hold for 1 count and lower. If you do this move on a mat, place the soles of your feet together so your knees drop out to the sides.

Exercise-4: Russian Twist (targets abs, legs, back, butt)

Russian Twist (targets abs, legs, back, butt) | Active. Healthy. Well.

Stand with feet out toward the sides of a Bosu, weight balanced toward the front, holding a medicine ball or heavy weight in both hands, arms extended in front of you. Bend knees and lower into a squat as you twist your upper body to the right. Hold for 1 count, stand up, and repeat to left side. If you don’t

have a Bosu, do this on a balance disk or on the floor.

Exercise-5: Hop Squat (targets abs, legs, back, butt)

Hop Squat (targets abs, legs, back, butt) | Active. Healthy. Well.

Holding a ball in both hands in front of you at chest height, stand with right foot on center of a Bosu, left foot about a foot to one side, legs hip-width apart. Bend your knees and lower into a wide squat, then push off with the left foot and hop up, landing with left foot on center of Bosu and right foot to side. Raise ball overhead as you hop. Lower into a wide squat and repeat. Hop back and forth 4 times, then stand on Bosu with knees bent and elbows up and bounce ball on floor 4 times. Repeat entire sequence. If you don’t have a Bosu, stand with feet wide, toes turned out and ball in front of chest with elbows wide. Lower into a squat and repeatedly bounce ball forcefully on the floor.

Exercise-6: Bosu Ball Pushups (targets chest, triceps, shoulders and abs)

Bosu Ball Pushups (targets chest, triceps, shoulders and abs) | Active. Healthy. Well.

1) Place hands on sides of Bosu ball (or use a chair backed up against a wall) and position yourself on toes (more difficult) or knees. Do 4 pushups (keep body in a straight line).

2) Turn over and place hands on sides of a Bosu toward the front, fingers pointing toward body and arms straight. Extend legs straight out in front of you, toes up (harder). Bend elbows and lower hips toward floor don’t let them touch and press back up. Do 4 reps, then switch to push-ups. Repeat back and forth.

Best Practices


Challenging each other to go faster or lift more weight is like having a built-in instructor forcing you to work harder.


The more muscles you use at one time, the harder your body has to work and the more calories you’ll burn.


Gradually decrease rest time between sets. For example, rest for a minute after your first set, 30 seconds after the second, then 15 after the third. The less time your body has to recover, the more intense the workout.


Step out to the side instead of the front when doing lunges and add some side-to-side arcing moves with your arms. The unfamiliar change in direction speeds sculpting by forcing your body to call on muscles it doesn’t normally use.


Adding something new, like a Bosu or medicine ball, works your body more effectively. (For example, a biceps curl done on a balance disk will be more difficult and feel like a completely new move.)

Source: fitness magazine 2014

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