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Exercises & Workout Routines

Generic workout routines from beginner to advanced using bodyweight, weight machines, or free weights.

Physical Activity & Fitness

Physical activity and fitness is a critical element in any health, fitness, and wellness program. Please download our free fitness resource containing fitness handouts, fitness posters, fitness presentations, and other fitness resources.

Weight Management

Nutrition is a critical element of virtually all successful health, fitness, and wellness program. The axium, “You are what you eat” is true as what you ingest can affect everything from how you look to how you feel. Get your diet right and everything else falls into place. Please download our free nutrition resources which contains free nutrition handouts, nutrition posters, nutrition presentations, and other nutrition resources.

Stress Management

These free stress management handouts are ready-to-use and cover a wide variety of stress management topics. The stress handouts were collected from various government, university and not-profit websites. You are free to download and utilize these stress management handouts as you see fit.

Heart Health

A number of factors affect heart disease, including certain health conditions, medicines, and other substances. Download FREE information and find out what you need to know about heart disease.


Download nutrition handouts for yourself or send to a friend or family member. We have downloads related to healthy eating including: weight management, fitness and exercise nutrition, healthy snacking for adults, teens and kids, the DASH diet plan, senior-friendly eating, eating disorders, and more.


Try to guess which activity is so important you should devote one-third of your time to doing it. Probably the first things that come to mind are working, spending time with your family, or pursuing leisure activities. But

there’s something else you should be doing about one-third of your time—sleeping. The sleep downloads were collected from a variety of FREE sources so please utilize them as you see fit.