You can get money back by SUCCEEDING, it’s your commitment, determination and following the suggested protocol that are the keys to SUCCESS. Therefore, there is no “reward” for failing and if followed diligently, the protocol will help you lose the weight within a 4-6 month period.

Full Refund

If after 6-months of following the suggested protocol (including but not limited to weekly coaching calls, food log, journaling, photos, measurements, etc.) you haven’t lost up to 30lbs, we’ll refund your entire plan amount no questions asked. See terms of service for more information about refunds.


To be eligible for the incentive please document your progress using video with 480p quality with good lighting and include before and after photos clearly demonstrating your weight loss progress all the way from your starting weight to achieving your weight goal loss. Demonstrate your weight loss with smaller size clothing or show your body in a clear convincing way. When your documentary video and photos is done correctly as described and sent to us and posted to your YouTube account with your 1-5 minute testimonial, you will receive money back within 7 business days. When you inspire others to a more healthful life you’re rewarding yourself and we’ll reward you as well.

Incentive Instructions

Remember that your health is of the utmost importance to us. We want you to lose weight, but it must be done in a healthy way. Knowing that you’ve changed your eating habits for life is more important to us than the number of pounds you’ve lost, or how quickly you lost them.

  • All photos progress should be included
  • 2-4 min about your weightloss story, journey and your weight loss goal.
  • 2-4 min of how Active. Healthy. Well. (AHW) services helped you achieve your weight-loss goals without giving away any proprietary information.
  • Film and photograph yourself now, during and after you’ve reached your goal. In a 5-10 minute video, talk about your past eating problems, how AHW helped you achieve your weight-loss goal, how much weight you’ve lost and how your life has changed. You can tell us about improvements in your health, self-esteem, relationships and love life, and even compliments you’ve received about your new look. Your video must be real, convincing and of good quality Video must include full body shots of beginning and ending weight.

Incentives & Rewards

To reward our customers we have decided to offer the following incentives below and if you meet your goal after 6-months of service we’ll reward your effort with returning a portion of your service plan fee. You must decide on the incentive during your initial plan sign-up and follow the suggested protocol including but not limited to weekly coaching calls and journaling, photos, measurements, etc.

Incentive 50

Super weight loss achievement of 100lbs+ with well documented inspirational video posted to You Tube and we’ll refund 50% of your service plan per the service agreement.

Incentive 35

Achieving the weight loss goal of 60lbs+ with well documented inspirational video posted to You Tube and we’ll refund 35% of your service plan per the service agreement.

Incentive 20

Achieving the weight loss goal of 30lbs+ with well documented inspirational video posted to You Tube and we’ll refund 20% of your service plan per the service agreement.

Additional Information

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Your Results May Vary

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