The end of this week will mark two full months of commitment and hard
work towards losing the weight I gained during and after my pregnancy.
 It’s been 2 1/2 years since I had my daughter and I once said I would
not be a mom that still had the baby weight when my child is 2 or 3
years old.  Well, the 2 year mark passed but I’m happy to say that the
3 year mark will not pass by with me still holding on to this weight.

With my background, it was humbling for me to acknowledge that I
needed help.  It took a while for me to make a decision, but once I
did things began to fall into place.  The first step was in knowing
what it was I needed…what I was missing to becoming successful.  I
had been working out consistently for several months and was not
making any progress in terms of getting smaller.  I was certainly
getting stronger, but not smaller!  I don’t know who the author is of
this quote, but I could most definitely be the poster child for “You
can’t out train a bad diet”.  It’s not like I didn’t know what to eat,
but I needed accountability.

These two months I’ve had accountability and I’ve made progress.  It’s
not the kind of progress that most “dieters” are used to when they cut
their calories low or cut out food groups, ie fast scale movement.
Nope, the scale is moving down rather slowly but I’ve been taking
measurements every two weeks and that’s where I’m seeing
success…exactly the kind of success I want to see (can you say
smaller pants?!?).

The two months haven’t been easy, but they haven’t been hard either.
It’s true that when you set your mind to achieve something, you just
“do it”.   Ralph Waldo Emerson once said  “Once you make a decision,
the universe conspires to make it happen.”  I would rather be the
poster child of this quote rather than the other!

Christy Jones, Personal Trainer, Health Educator, Certified Health, Fitness, & Wellness Coach through WellCoaches.com

Christy R. Jones, B.Sc., Certified Wellness Coach

Christy has over 10 years experience in the Health and Wellness industry. Christy earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida in Health Science Education with a focus on Health Promotion and Wellness. She is a certified Health & Wellness Coach through WellCoaches.com and has a passion for empowering and educating individuals to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

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Christy is a Certified Wellness Coach and has a passion for empowering and educating individuals. She has over 10 years experience in the Health and Wellness industry and continues to pursue health and wellness activities through weight training, aerobics, and dance. Connect with us on our Google Plus Page Active. Healthy. Well.