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Deepak Chopra brings you Timeless You, a six-week online course that gives you the tools and steps to creating a new approach for your life.

The 6-Part Timeless You Experience Anti-aging Online Course by Deepak Chopra

Redefine your age, eliminate stress & calm your mind

“Getting older should be celebrated. It doesn’t have to mean decline.”

New York Times best selling author and esteemed lecturer Deepak Chopra brings you Timeless You, a six-week online course that gives you the tools and steps to creating a new approach to anti aging and your life. Each course is straightforward and easy to follow, allowing you to implement each change into your life as simple as possible.

Course 1: Changing Perceptions

Since your thoughts influence your biology, that means that you have the power to reverse your age by changing the way you view aging. It’s the first step to becoming a more vibrant version of yourself.

Course 2: A Youthful Mind

When you detach from a particular outcome, you open yourself up to the possibility and to the universe. Learn how to focus on the process instead of the outcome.

Course 3: Healthy Relationships

When your relationships are based on compassion and empathy, your biology responds by releasing a flood of feel-good chemicals.

Course 4: The Mind-Body Connection

Practicing conscious breathing—or Pranayama (prah-nah-YAH-mah)—for just a few minutes a day can reduce wear and tear on your body and slow the aging process.

Course 5: Mindful Eating

Eat fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and more from the six taste groups. Focus less on restricting what you eat and more on listening to what your body needs.

Course 6: Joyful Exercise

Exercise can, and should, become a healthy addiction. Aim to do something active every day, seven days a week. Keep it simple and make it fun!

These six essential courses inlcude:

  • 18 unique exercises: Simple practices you can easily do anywhere.
  • 37 original videos: Get exclusive insight from Deepak Chopra whenever you want.
  • 60-day guarantee: Our refund rate is 0.1%. We are only happy when you are.
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