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What We Do

We help you get healthy and lose weight permanently using behavioral psychology combined with nutrition and exercise science to help you master your mental, social, physical and emotional well-being, and the mindset to sustain it.

Behavior Change + Real Food + Activity = Health Success!

We Work With

We with work with individuals and families and partner with healthcare providers to implement wellness solutions including nutrition counseling, weight loss programs, and wellness protocols.

We work with clients from the following companies:

Service Delivery

We’ve got you covered whether you’re local or virtual, we’ll use a number of technologies to mentor, support and provide accountability.

Customer Success Stories

“Christy used wellness coaching effectively”

…It’s hard to say because I think I saw you more as an accountability touch point. As you mentioned several times I came in very motivated having sought you out to facilitate what I had started as opposed to someone who may use your service to placate a spouse, parent or other significant person in their life. If you will, Tiger Woods still has a coach/mentor even though he is considered the greatest golfer in the world. I think I was seeking someone to give me live feedback and technique which you can’t get from a book…”

– Ed F., Jacksonville, Florida

“Christy helped me put proper perspective on life as far as mind, body, emotional state and relationships to work, family, and friends… My experience exceeded my expectations, as I didn’t know what to expect only that I needed some guidance. Christy is a great listener and I guess she felt and told me what I needed to know that made all the difference for me.”
Michael K., Jacksonville, Florida
“I had specific weightloss requirements that I needed to meet in order to qualify for a specific program and Christy provided the plan, diet and coaching that transcended the short-term goal that I had and has allowed me to maintain my weight.”
Dr. Robert F., Fleming Island, Florida
“Christy without a doubt is skilled at what she does even though our contact has been via phone she is really personable and down to earth… Christy is reassuring and has a way of getting down to the nitty gritty.”
Koko P., Jacksonville, FL
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