This week was a big week for me. I’ve been going to the gym for many years, but it’s been hit or miss since I’ve had my daughter. Lately it’s been a big miss!! I finally got back in there this week and enjoyed every minute of it. I don’t like feeling like a fish out of water there, but it’s been so long that I had to get reacquainted with the equipment and the exercises. Thank goodness it was like riding my bike and it all came back very quickly.

The other issue I had was taking my daughter to the kid’s club. She’s become a mama’s girl and sometimes doesn’t handle me leaving her in a new environment very well. We decided that it would be best if Benny would drop her off so I wouldn’t have to deal with my emotions when I heard her screaming. Honestly, it hurt me more than it hurt her. I peeked in and saw her playing and that made me feel better. I still don’t think I want to take her there after work because that is our time together. However, I just may try it every now and then, especially for the Hip Hop class!!

Sometimes it just takes getting out of your way to experience some success and success is what will keep you motivated and pushing for more.

Here’s to overcoming your fears and finding SUCCESS!!

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Benny Jones

Owner at LifeMeds LLC
Benny earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida in Exercise and Sport Science. Benny believes a well balanced wellness program should encompass flexibility, strength, balanced clean diet, and proper rest. Connect with us on our Google Plus Page Active. Healthy. Well.