We are eating out more than ever now and the restaurant industry gets no less than 46 percent of every dollar we spend on food – up from 25 percent in 1955. What’s worse, in an effort to edge out the competition, many eateries offer mega-sized servings that are laden with fat and calories. (See “Restaurant Shockers“.)  A University of Memphis study found women who ate out six to 13 times a week consumed 300 more calories per day than those who ate out five or fewer times.

The Solution

Split an entree with your dining partner or doggie-bag half of it before you even begin eating; request half-orders; or make a meal out of an appetizer and soup. Patronize restaurants that buck the bigger-is-better trend and instead specialize in “small plates” (appetizersized portions meant for sharing) such as Spanish tapas.

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Benny Jones

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