Nutrition and Autism features the transcripts from an exclusive and informative Interview on Wellness Talk Radio with Host Kris Costello and Judy Converse, a registered Dietitian and Author or Special Needs Kids Eat Right.

Here are some of the critical parenting issues we discuss in Nutrition and Autism,

How to find help for your child

How to tell if your child is thriving.

Really, Just how important is Nutrition?

What are the differences between food intolerance and allergies and how they could be affecting your child?

The importance of the “opiate theory” and your child’s development.

GI Pain and non verbal children, is there a connection?

Trust your gut! Why parents are usually right.

Finding the best treatment for your child, and why things may get tougher before they get better when you first start.

Steps for creating your Action Plan

And 2 EXTRA BONUS GIFTS, your own Parent Journal and Resource Guide.

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