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If you are in the health, wellness, and/or fitness field and want to join like-minded professionals, please join our group to be notified about upcoming meetings. We’ll brainstorm and collaborate and have a lot of fun getting to know other wellness pros in our area. This group is for anyone in north/central FL.

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July 2016 TBD TBD Christy Jones


August 2016 TBD TBD Christy Jones


September 2016 TBD TBD Christy Jones


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This is a networking and collaboration group and there’s absolutely no selling to group members without their explicit permission.

Abundance Mentality

If you are looking to connect, collaborate, and mastermind with like-minded health and fitness professionals in North & Central Florida, then this group is for you.

The Abundance Mentality, on the other hand, flows out of a deep inner sense of personal worth and security. It is the paradigm that there is plenty out there and enough to spare for everybody. It results in sharing of prestige, of recognition, of profits, of decision making. It opens possibilities, options, alternatives, and creativity.

The Abundance Mindset

Appreciative Conversations

Let’s get to know one another! We can all be encouraged, learn and grow from one another. Through networking and brainstorming with other wellness and fitness professionals in our area, we’ll build great practices and grow our wellness community.

Rather than talking about the things you don’t have, try to engage in conversations with peers about the multitude of things that you do have. Ask your peers about the things that have gone well for them in the last week. Focus on the big things they’re working on. Don’t be afraid to share the same things about yourself. Talk about personal achievements and personal successes and personal experiences and leave talk about the things you don’t have and the things you’ll never achieve out of the conversation.

Abundance Mentality

Share With Others

Sharing  will open up more opportunities for us to collaborate in different ways to spread the ripple effect across north and central FL. Consumers today are looking for quality of life and wellness approaches. Fast-paced lifestyles are leading to an array of poor dietary choices and chronically stressful lives. Today’s society is filled with people who are overfed and undernourished. They are not only seeking expert advice, but also solutions to their health issues and concerns so there’s plenty of business out there for us all.

By sharing, you begin to see several things. First, you often feel good about what you’ve shared – you’ve improved the other person’s life. Second, you often find you don’t really miss what you’ve shared. Third, when you share regularly, people are very willing to share right back with you.

Abundance Mentality

Create “Win-Win” Situations

The complementary and alternative health and wellness industry; including nutrition, beauty, services, and information, exceeds $700 billion in revenue and is growing. The global economy is trending up along with an ever-growing baby boomer population concerned with minimizing healthcare costs and with money to spend; they spend it on personal health and wellness solutions. The trends all point in a single direction; more consumer spending on health and wellness solutions and consumers taking more responsibility for optimizing their own health; which creates a win-win for us all when we’re able to partner and collaborate creating products and solutions that benefit us as wellness professionals and the consumer. Find out how we partner with doctors and healthcare professionals to scale both healthcare and coaching practice revenues by providing a broader set of health and wellness solutions that improve patient care and results through the use of integrated health and wellness services.

Create situations where everyone wins. Give thanks to everyone who helped you win a client or business deal with specific thanks whenever you present your ideas. Swap tasks with people so that everyone gets a task that they enjoy or are skilled at. When you create situations where everyone gets to shine and everyone gets to share, everyone wins. There are no losers.

Abundance Mentality

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

In the abundance mindset, what matters most is how you compare to yourself – how you live out your own ideals in your day-to-day life. Social media makes this much more difficult. On social media, people often post a highlight reel of their life, showing off all of the good things going on, but avoiding the mundane things and (usually) the bad things. If you spend time comparing the whole of your life to someone else’s highlights, you’re going to naturally feel inadequate. It’s not a fair comparison.

Whenever life deals you a rough moment, stop and think about the positives that are coming out of this change. It’s likely that they don’t overwhelm the negatives, but virtually every situation offers some positives. Spend time reflecting on those positives and keep in mind that at least something good came out of this situation.

Abundance Mentality

Final Thoughts

When you have an abundance mindset, the choice to share and invest in others and yourself doesn’t feel like that much of a sacrifice because your life is already full of good things. When you have an abundance mindset, investing in yourself and others just seems like you’re giving a gift to your future self – and that feels good. When I first started as a wellness coach I wished I had a group of coaches I could meet up with in person on a regular basis and that’s why I decided to start this bi-monthly north and central Florida meet-up for Health Coaches and other wellness professionals to mastermind, network, and focus on building our businesses– because let’s face it: we’re stronger together.

About Your Host

Christy Jones, Bachelor Science Health Science Education (UF), Certified Wellness Coach (Wellcoaches Corporation)

Christy Jones
Christy JonesWeight-loss & Wellness Coach
Christy Jones is an accomplished professional with a background in coaching, training, sales, marketing, and education. Christy is a certified Health & Wellness Coach certified through Well Coach Corporation with endorsements by America College of Sports Medicine and the International Coach Federation. She is highly passionate about the field of coaching and what it can do for individuals. Christy believes that each individual has the ability to live out their best self and apply it in ways they never imagined. Her mission is to work closely with clients to listen, guide and bring a level of support that creates space for growth and change.  (More…)

Health & Fitness Experience

Christy has over 20-years experience in the health and fitness industry

  • Health Science Education Bachelors of Science, University of Florida
  • Health & Wellness Coach, Active. Healthy. Well.
  • Certified Wellness Coach #01974, Well Coaches Corporation
  • Corporate Wellness Manager Vistakon, Jacksonville, Forida
  • Professional Cheerleader
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This is a FREE facebook group.

This is a networking and collaboration group and there’s absolutely no selling to group members without their explicit permission.