If your exercise plan includes running or jogging and you’re still overweight, however, you’re putting a lot of stress on your back and knees; you might even be fighting pain to stick with your routine. If this is you, try a better alternative: Stationary Exercise Bikes. Stationary exercise bikes provide a lot of aerobic benefits — and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. Just park yourself in front of a window or TV and start pedaling or spinning.

Biking provides an excellent aerobic workout, while minimizing the stress to the body.

How to choose a stationary bike

Comfort is essential — in terms of both keeping you on the program and preventing injury. Adam Wilk, 4-time National Cycling Champion recommends making sure the bike fit rights because if the bike doesn’t fit right properly prolonged use not only can cause pain eventually, but also damage joints and muscles. This is a real concern for shorter women who often have no choice at the gym but to work out on spin bikes that are too large for them. And if you’re in pain or discomfort and associate that with the workout, then

common sense says that you’re not going to continue exercising.

Benefits of stationary cycling

In addition to spin bikes, traditional stationary bikes provide good aerobic workouts and simulate an actual bike. And upright, which simulates an actual bike ride: recumbent, a model with bucket seats and the pedals out in front. If you have back trouble, the recumbent model offers lots of support and comfort.

Comfort vs Looks

Most recumbant bikes offer comfort features including “wide-ride” pedals that are 25 percent larger than standard issue. Upright bikes have a Comfort Curve seat with 13 vertical positions for the best fit, while recumbent models offer 34 seat adjustment options. Don’t over-emphasize looks over equipment comfort while working because comfort can make the difference between actively using an [exercise] bike

or it becoming a clothes rack.

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