My goals for July didn’t pan out the way I had expected.  I’ve done a lot of reflection and realized that I didn’t take into consideration what I had in store for the month of July.  We went out of town for the holiday, I had a full party week that included traveling to Jacksonville and a full weekend in West Palm Beach for 3 concerts.  Late nights, eating indulgent foods, tailgating with chips/dips, and adult beverages were aplenty! Thank goodness I danced for at least 6 hrs during that week and kept my body in motion. Looking back I should have reviewed what I had going on and set a better plan in place. Lesson learned.

My behaviors from the past month hit me hard and I can literally feel it in my body. I totally abused my body last month! I’ve experienced more PMS symptoms, body aches and headaches.  I got into a bad habit of staying up late watching TV (that darn OITNB Netflix show!) and struggling to get out of bed each day.  I ate whatever was convenient and sometimes that included my favorite Rocky Road ice cream.  I can feel the difference in how my digestive system is functioning and my face/skin has been showing signs of distress (dehydrated and breaking out).  I had a great time, full of pleasure and it was so worth it 🙂  Sometimes it’s good to let loose and go a little crazy, but it’s now time to get back to my healthy ways!
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I’m going into August with a much different perspective, one that will allow me to set my goals appropriately for what I have going on this month. I want to buckle down and not watch as much TV, blog more, read more, cook and eat all of my own meals, move at a minimum of 3 times per week, and go to bed earlier so I can wake feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.  School starts again soon for my little one and I only have one planned night out with my girlfriends…my August plan is doable!
Goals for August:
  • I will go to bed by 10:30pm each night during the week and 11:30 on the weekends (except for the GNO).
  • I will drink 20 oz of water upon waking each day…this is before I have my coffee.
  • I will move my body 3 times per week.  (Little Black Dress challenge)
  • I will read 2 books per month.
  • I will blog 2 times per week.
  • I will prep and cook in bulk on the weekend
  • I will take my supplements daily (I prep the daily vitamin boxes over the weekend)

Notice that all of these goals are SMART goals.  Specific, Measurable, Action-based, Realistic, Time-based.

When I gained weight 10+ years ago, I had to get a new wedding band.  That one is now too big (yay!), but I’m still not able to wear my original wedding band (boo!).  I have a strong desire to wear that band again, but that’s not a goal because it’s not SMART. Just like saying you want to lose X number of pounds in a month – there is no guarantee that your body will lose that particular number.  You have to do the work (action-based) and that will lead to weight loss.
Make SMART goals, have a plan of action, be prepared and let’s rock the month of August!
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Christy is a Certified Wellness Coach and has a passion for empowering and educating individuals. She has over 10 years experience in the Health and Wellness industry and continues to pursue health and wellness activities through weight training, aerobics, and dance. Connect with us on our Google Plus Page Active. Healthy. Well.