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Medications are prescribed by your doctor are usually safe to take under most circumstances however you should always be mindful of contraindications that may cause unwanted side effects when taken with something else that counter acts the drugs effect for example:

  • OTC and drug: aspirin and blood thinners
  • Drugs and food: statins and grapes
  • Drugs and diseases: aspirin and peptic ulcers
  • Foods and beverages that may interact poorly with medicines.


Alcohol can increase or decrease the effect of many drugs and is best avoided.

Grapefruit juice

Shouldn’t be taken while prescribed certain blood pressure drugs or cyclosporine for the prevention of organ transplant rejection and that’s because grapefruit can increase the levels of the drugs in the body.


Licorice can affect drugs used for high blood pressure and congestive heart failure and is best avoided.


Oh no, say it ain’t so,,, the caffeine in chocolate can interfere with drugs such as Ritalin or decrease the affects of drugs such as Ambien.

Questions to ask your doctor about your medications

1. Take a list of your medications to your doctor when receiving a new prescription.

2. Follow the directions of your medication and followup with the doctor if you have questions.

3. Don’t take anyone else’s medication – Duh!

4. Don’t be scared if your life and if you don’t know why you are being prescribed certain medications – ask!

5. Ask your doctor what are some side effects or problems to watch for.

6. When can I stop taking this medication.

For more information visit WebMD.

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