You keep telling yourself you want to get healthy for good and when you go it alone, you’re more likely to lose your energy, your motivation and your ability to remember why twinkies were so bad in the first place. Need a way to keep yourself on track and the solution is to find a good support system. This guide will help you determine the best support system for your weight-loss and fitness goals.

Personal Trainer

Use Personal Trainer:

You’re an exercise newbie, you need help moving your workout to the next level, or you’re phobic about fitness.

Why Personal Trainers Work:

Whether you want to lose weight, train for a marathon or get buff, a personal trainer will customize each session for that person. In one or two half-hour sessions per week, your personal trainer can help you through an intense, efficient workout that builds strength and improves your cardiovascular fitness — even if you haven’t laced up a pair of tennis shoes in 20 years. Personal trainers are cheerleaders, urging you to reach goals that are challenging for you, like doubling the number of sit-ups you can do in a minute.


As long as you want to improve, working with a personal trainer can be a benefit. Expect to pay $30-$500/hour depending on the region.



Online Support

Use Online Support:

You want good ideas, low-demand friendship and some anonymity.

Why Online Support Works:

Some people aren’t comfortable with Weight Watchers-style support group meetings and if you’re frustrated that most of her friends and co-workers just didn’t get it, online suport may be for you. Online support offers a website with a discussion and multiple forums on various topics. The advantage is that you’ll be associating with people who totally understand and in many circumstances have experienced the same highs and lows — those dreaded plateaus — and that will be connected and keep you on target.

Other Side Benefits:

Product recommendations, recipe swaps, even notices of great online bargains.


The right site will yield an instant network of supportive friends, and you won’t even have to reveal your real name if you don’t want to. Online support groups can support you and keep you on track providing positive reinforcement.



A registered dietitian

Use Registered Dietitian:

You’re too busy to eat right, have a lot of weight to lose or have a medical condition like diabetes.

Why Registered Dietitian:

Reading books on any of the low-carb plans can help you figure out the basics. But a book won’t tailor an eating plan for you, answer your questions or brainstorm alternatives for foods you hate the way a registered dietitian can. The cookie-cutter formula doesn’t work for everybody and a registered dietitian can help you pinpoint problems and provide specific suggestions for improvement that work with your lifestyle. Dietitian’s can rout out junk food from kitchen cabinets and provide guided supermarket tours.


A dietitian’s credentials (like a degree in nutrition and years of practical experience) can be a tad daunting. But to make sure you and your dietitian click, do a quick phone consultation before you sign on for regular sessions.



A weight-loss coach

Use Weight-loss Coach:

You need a reality check, a crisis intervention or a listening ear.

Why Weight-loss Coach:

If you’re waiting to find a plan that just makes weight loss happen — and makes it easy and fun — you’re not going to. Coaches focus less on perfecting your diet and more on replacing old habits. Coaching can be done face-to-face or at a distance and coachs’ recognize that there are many ways to succeed – there’s no right or wrong; it’s what works for you. For instance, if after work you eat your way through a bag of Doritos a coach can help you creat a long list of nonfood de-stressors, like knitting or soaking in a hot tub, to help her replace your old habit with a new one.


Some coaches have struggled with their own weight problems, so they intimately understand the emotional, psychological barriers and they’re in the trenches with you, offering practical advice, real understanding and no dirty looks when you down three Dove bars for dinner. Coaches know stumbling, failing and falling are all part of process on the path to losing weight.


DIETITIAN: The American Dietetic Association’s website [ ] has a zip code search function so you can find one nearby.

SUPPORT GROUP: Many available: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Spark People, and more – just Google it.

PERSONAL TRAINER: Try searching on or , or check with your community’s recreation department to see if they offer personal trainer services. Most membership-based gyms can match you with a personal trainer for an additional fee, too.

WEIGHT-LOSS COACH: Give us a call or search at or , or ask friends and neighbors for recommendations.


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