Sunday, Shoulders/Arms (My Fav Workout Day):

34-minute (4m-Warmup; 20m-Weights; 10-CardioHIT)

Wakeup: 9.30a

Breakfast: 2 – egg sandwiches, sweet potato

Lunch: Chicken

Preworkout: Banana

Postworkout: Banana, chicken sandwich


– 4m Lifecycle

– 20m Weights (Drop sets)

– – Curls: 135X5, 115X5, 95X8

– – Shoulder Press: 65X12, 45X12, 35X12

– – Side Laterals: 25X12, 15X12

– – Tricep Ext: 130X12 ss/w Mch Curls: 120X8 = 2 Sets

– 10m HIT Lifecycle: 1min@50w; 30sec@300-400w


*To get out in 34-min you have got to be moving through with minimal rest and your focus and concentration have to be right.


Benny Jones Jr., Fitness-Weightloss Consultant, We help people with their fitness/weightloss goals via mentoring, support and accountability.

Benny Jones Jr., Fitness-Weightloss Consultant, After Shoulders & Arms Workout, At Marriott Singer Island Resort, Palm Beach Shores, West Palm Beach


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Benny Jones

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