Healthcare Professional Wellness Integration Program

We help people get healthy and lose weight permanently using behavioral psychology combined with nutrition and exercise science that helps them master their mental, social, physical and emotional well-being, and the mindset to sustain it.

Behavior Change + Real Food + Activity = Health Success!

Program Delivery

We’ve got you covered! We can use a number of technologies for your convenience.

Revenue Generating Wellness Programs

Active. Healthy. Well. is an educational, consulting and coaching company that implements revenue generating wellness solutions -

About the Program

Christy works with doctors to implement wellness solutions including nutrition counseling, weight loss programs, and wellness protocols within the central Florida area. Current market research indicates that many patients would prefer to receive wellness information, products and services from their own trusted health professional. We work with you and your practice to develop a business plan and sales strategy to implement revenue generating health and wellness solutions at no cost to you.

We’ll help you achieve financial success for your practice, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident in assisting your patients with promoting their overall health, creating a lifetime patient value with ongoing referrals. When implemented, this revenue generating health and wellness solutions will decrease insurance driven revenue and increase cash-based revenues, and customer loyalty, and referrals all at the same time. Interested so far, keep reading it gets better.

There are lots of things you need doctors for: To set a broken forearm bone after your ice skating foray (whoops!) or to write you a prescription for a merciless UTI (ugh). But most of the things that people need for better health are food-based, says Frank Lipman, MD

Dr. Frank Lipman - The voice of sustainable wellness:

Patient Behavior Changing

The health and wellness industry exceeds one trillion in revenue and growing. The global economy is trending up along with a growing baby-boomer population concerned with minimizing healthcare costs and with money to spend; they’ll spend it on personal health and wellness solutions. The trends all point in a single direction; more spending on health and wellness solutions and consumers taking more responsibility for optimizing their own health.

Diet is the largest lever for health changes,” says Dr. Lipman, who’s been prescribing cleanses, leafy greens, supplements, and changes like cutting out dairy and gluten or other inflammatory foods to great effect. “But telling my patients to take their turmeric and watch their sugar doesn’t mean they do it. Compliance is a problem, even though my patients tend to be very motivated. With health coaches, it’s so much better because they have time to work with patients, meet for regular sessions, stay in touch via email, and create a relationship.

Dr. Frank Lipman - The voice of sustainable wellness:

Advancements in Science & Technology

Advancements in science and technology allow the increased personalization of health and wellness solutions because patients are open to a broader set of health and wellness solutions. Some patients are not waiting for expert advice on many health-related decisions – their taking more personal responsibility for optimizing their own health and wellness.

It’s also more appropriate for patients to ask coaches for healthy recipes, snacks, and nutrition advice, say, than their MD.

Dr. Frank Lipman - The voice of sustainable wellness:

Quality of Life & Wellness Approach

Patients today are looking for quality of life and wellness approaches. Fast-paced lifestyles are leading to an array of poor dietary choices and chronically stressful lives. Today’s society is filled with people who are overfed and undernourished. They are not only seeking expert advice, but also solutions to their health issues and concerns.

Those solutions are best offered by their trusted healthcare professional and integrating with our complete suite of cutting-edge nutraceuticals, customizable nutritional regimens and support for continuing education, the health of your patients is in trusted and caring hands.

Where medicine and its five-minutes-per-patient model leaves off, wellness coaching begins. Typically, one of the coaches is in the room with Dr. Lipman for the new patient intake process, and after he prescribes dietary changes, they then sit with the patient to figure out the how, developing personalized food plans, keeping in touch via email, and meeting with the patient every two weeks.

Dr. Frank Lipman - The voice of sustainable wellness:

Integrating Wellness into the Practice

Our health and wellness program is easy to integrate into any healthcare professional’s practice. By reviewing specific health regimens and making recommendations during regular visits, our program allows patients and your practice to find effective, science-based solutions to health questions and concerns in real time.

As you may know, many private health plans will be required — or, in some cases, given incentives — to offer expanded wellness benefits by 2015. Medicare recipients will be able to get this kind of coaching free once a year.

Wellness coaches work like health detectives to find dietary culprits and create a plan patients can live by. “It brings a whole other dimension to patient care that’s completely missing in the current system,” he says. That may change as more MDs follow his lead.

Dr. Frank Lipman - The voice of sustainable wellness:

Services & Benefits


We’ll provide the following wellness services at no cost.

  • Free Digital Marketing
  • Free Wellness Newsletters
  • Free Wellness Workshops
  • Detox & Weight-loss Programs
  • Health & Wellness Supplements
  • Healthy Recipes & Meal Plans
  • Health Assessments

Practice Benefits

Benefits to your business include but not limited to:

  • Decrease insurance based revenues by providing a broader set of integrated health and wellness solutions
  • Increase cash-based revenue by capitalizing on providing a broader set of health and wellness solutions
  • Spend less time answering phones on minute problems more time with those with chronic illness
  • Bridge the gap between the patient and clinician
  • Access to the day-to-day progress of your patients (keeping a healthy diet, exercise, etc.)
  • Increase customer retention and loyalty by providing wellness services
  • Access to certified and degreed health and wellness coach at no cost
  • Increase practice revenue without increasing overhead or full-time employee
  • Increase practice loyalty and referrals by providing integrated health and wellness services
  • Improve patient care and results through the use of integrated health and wellness services
  • Enhanced health and wellness resources
  • Increased patient satisfaction and community

Patient Benefits

Benefits to your customers include but not limited to:

  • Setting and accomplishing goals in a way that is empowering and exciting
  • Working to achieve and maintain their ideal weight
  • Understanding and reduce cravings
  • Increased energy levels
  • Feeling great in their body
  • Learning about new foods and how they can easily incorporate them
  • Improving their personal relationships
  • Discovering the confidence to create the life they want


  • How Much Can I Make?

    All income and earnings are hypothetically, not a guarantee of income and for illustration purposes only. Hypothetical earnings is based on a number of variables such as number of patients, wellness model, pace at which the practice implements and grows wellness based products and services. With that said, revenues can range from $10k to $100k+ per year and we’ll show an income calculator at the 15-minute consultation that displays hypothetical income based on amount of sales, hard work, talent, and dedication that’s devoted to integrating wellness into your practice.

  • How to get started?

    Fill out the form below and after interviewing each other, we’ll both determine if our visions are a good fit and we can both decide whether to move forward.

  • What will I need to do?

    First, fill out the form below. If we’re a fit based on the info provided, we’ll call to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation. Thereafter, if it’s still a good fit, schedule an in-person meeting to discuss the service implementation further. We work with you to create custom wellness products and services that fit your practice including: one-one-one complementary consultations; workshops to integrate nutritional perspectives with traditional medicine; group and individual cleanses and detoxes; access to a wellness newsletter with the latest health tips and recipes; one-on-one and group coaching sessions to help make dietary and lifestyle changes. The benefits of having a health and wellness coach in your practice will last for years to come. I can connect your patients with resources that will provide dramatic changes for generations to follow.

  • How do I get paid?

    We provide a revenue split of 20% of all gross sales for products and services. However, per above, there are other revenue splits available (physician integration model – one-time $500) and we’ll cover all revenue models during the initial call.

  • Are they any qualifications?

    Yes because you’re getting a degreed and certified health and wellness coach providing services to your business at our cost (Free to you). Must be a licensed physician, dentist, chiropractor, aesthetician, audiologist, nutritionist, psychologist, registered nurse, optometrist, and speech pathologist with at least 500 patients, seeing 75-patients per week to participate in this program. So hurry spots will are limited.

  • How much does this cost?

    Zero. Zilch. We collaborate with your practice providing wellness workshops at our cost. However, if you’re looking to decrease insurance-base revenues and significantly increase cash-based revenues, a one-time $500 cost is incurred to setup our physician integration program allowing your practice the opportunity to grow cash-based revenues significantly. You pay nothing out of pocket unless you choose the physician integration model.

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