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Online and Mobile Personal Trainer
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Behavior Change + Real Food + Activity = Weight-loss Success!

We’ll use behavioral psychology combined with nutrition and exercise science to help you master your mental, social, physical and emotional well-being, and the mindset to sustain it.

Health Tools & Guides

Tools to help you research and learn about your own health.

Online and Mobile Personal Trainer

Workout Routines & Exercise Videos


Fitness Routines

Workout videos are the safest way to lose weight fast! Don’t wait! Reduce your body fat by finding a great Fat Burning Workout now.


Strength Training

Our strength gaining routines help you build a strong body foundation. Have a look at some Strength Gaining Workouts.



Our strength and conditioning programs combine strength, speed and endurance to tighten your body! Start a Conditioning Workout now!

Fitness Tracker – online fitness and nutrition software

Tracks workouts, meals, measurements and health information.

Apps to Track Workouts, Meals, & Measurements

We don’t guess! We measure, annotate, review and customize your plan using data.

Fitness Tracker: Customizable Homepage - Active. Healthy. Well.

Custom Homepage

When you sign in, you’ll see a customizable home page with links to tools, news, and a summary of your progress for the past 30 days.

Fitness Tracker: Nutrition Tracking - Active. Healthy. Well.

Nutrition Tracking

Track exactly what you eat, including total calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, sugar, sodium, cholesterol and fiber.

Fitness Tracker: Cardio Tracking - Active. Healthy. Well.

Cardio Tracking

Create graphs in one click! View progress on line, bar, moving average, pie and area charts. Compare workouts, weight loss, measurements, nutritional intake, sleep, temperature, weather conditions and much more.

Fitness Tracker: Maps - Active. Healthy. Well.


Map your running, walking, cycling and hiking routes. Draw your route and see exactly how far you went in miles or kilometers. Great for advanced planning.

Fitness Tracker: Track Results - Active. Healthy. Well.

Track Results

Store digital photographs and scanned documents (like lab results) for any day. This makes it easy to visualize progress over time. Record diet and weight lifting photos, equipment, route, competition, and race-day photos.

Fitness Tracker: Custom Printing - Active. Healthy. Well.

Custom Printing

Print meal workout cards for when you can’t access it online. Create cards from pre-defined meal & workout templates.