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Christy Jones, BS, CWC

Christy Jones
Christy JonesWeight-loss & Wellness Coach
Christy Jones is an accomplished professional with a background in coaching, training, sales, marketing, and education. Christy is a certified Health & Wellness Coach certified through Well Coach Corporation with endorsements by America College of Sports Medicine and the International Coach Federation. She is highly passionate about the field of coaching and what it can do for individuals. Christy believes that each individual has the ability to live out their best self and apply it in ways they never imagined. Her mission is to work closely with clients to listen, guide and bring a level of support that creates space for growth and change. (more…)

Wild Tree Organic

Wild Tree Organic

Rediscover Cooking – Simple. Healthy. Natural.


Rediscover Cooking

Wildtree products are 100% all natural, peanut-free cooking products with no dyes, no MSG, no fillers, and no preservatives. Learn how to make meal time delicious, nutritious, easy and economical.

Healthy Organic – Chemical Free Meals

Food should be natural, nutritious, delicious, and easy to prepare – all at the same time. Wildtree products enable you to create spectacular, great tasting dishes with just three or four ingredients.

Wildtree products are made with the finest natural ingredients available. Instead of “good for you” foods with all the flavor of sawdust, Wildtree products are taste-tested winners.

When you think Wildtree, you think about the food you eat, how it’s produced and where it comes from. It means you make a conscious decision to choose food without additives, preservatives, chemicals and GMO’s. When you Wildtree, you prepare delicious, healthy meals, in minutes, saving you time and money.

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Rediscover Cooking – Simple. Healthy. Natural.

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Recipe Tasting & Preparation: We’ll bring over all of Wildtree’s fixin’s and prepare a delicious meal together. Wildtree will help you create meals that are nutritious, delicious, unprocessed, and easy to prepare in minutes

Wildtree Meal Preparation Party


Freezer Meal Preparation: We’ll show you how to prepare healthy and delicious meals the family will love for the entire for the week.

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All recipes, meal plans, and menus are developed and provided by Wildtree Organic; independent nutritionists and registered dieticians. The program is intended for educational purposes only and is accompanied by wellness coaching services that does not include “medical nutritional therapy” or meant to replace medical advice. All trademarks, service marks, trade names, product names and logos appearing on the site are the property of their respective owners. Christy Jones is an independent representative of Wildtree Organic. Please visit our terms of service and legal policy for more information.

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