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Weight-loss Support – Digestive Enzymes

Each day the body produces several thousands of enzymes. The body uses enzymes for all its chemical actions and reactions. Digestive enzymes are produced in the salivary glands of the mouth and in the stomach, pancreas, and small intestine. They are responsible for digestion of nutrients as well as their absorption, transportation, metabolization, and elimination. Because enzymes are extremely sensitive to heat, many are harmed by modern food-processing methods like microwaving and pasteurization, which render them ineffective.

The body uses three main kinds of enzymes in the digestive process. This formula contains all three. Amylase enzymes break down starches or carbohydrates and are found naturally in the mouth saliva and the pancreatic and intestinal liquids. Protease enzymes are used to break down proteins and are found in the pancreatic and intestinal fluids. Lipase aids in fat digestion.


  • Contains 4:1 extract that is equivalent to 1300 mg of pancreatin
  • Includes the three principal groups of digestive enzymes: amylase, protease, and lipase
  • Also contains esterase, peptidase, nuclease, elastaste, collagenase, trypsin, and chrymotrypsin


Weight-loss Support – Green Tea 95% Extract

Green tea, one of the most popular herbal supplements in the world, has been used for thousands of years, especially by Asian cultures for its many health benefits. These benefits include immune support and breast, prostate, and heart health.

Green tea is also commonly used in diet pills because of its ability to raise the metabolism and burn fat. In November 1999, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the results of a study at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. Researchers there found that men who were given a combination of caffeine and green tea extract burned more calories than those given only caffeine or a placebo. However, further research is needed before a claim about a specific health benefit regarding weight loss can be made.


  • Provides one of the most powerful antioxidants to fight free radicals and slow the aging process
  • Offers popular ingredient in diet pills because of its stimulant properties.
  • Uses standardized extract

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