Peak fitness having the energy to do mental and physical labor

A Marine of the United States Marine Corps runs through a creek. Original caption: "Lance Cpl. Anthony M. Madonia emerges from the water during the swimming portion of the triathlon. Marines and Sailors of Marine Security Company and the Naval Support Facility in Thurmont, Md., participated in the Catoctin Mountain Triathlon, July 20." (Photo [...]

To achieve peak fitness you must be well, your body’s ability to resist stress and the stamina for physical and social activities

English: Line-up of Body Fitness competition. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)   Being fit always brings to mind the idea of bulging muscles, superman strength and a to-die-for athletic built. But more important is wellness which is your body’s ability to resist stress and the stamina for physical and social activities. Being well is the [...]

5 Weightloss Motivation Tips

Losing weight should be simple; the math tells us that all we have to do is burn more calories than we take in. If it truly were that easy, no one would be struggling the way millions do every single day. Staying motivated, especially if you have more than 20 or so pounds to lose, [...]

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You are responsible for your own fat

The fat you have gained is no one’s fault except your own. You are responsible for your own health, not your boss, your kids, or your husband or anybody else – YOU! No one forced you to eat that foods stop making excuses and blaming others and take responsibility for your health. The sooner you [...]

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Your success is related and affect by your internal thoughts and perceptions says Joseph McClendon and Tony Robbins

The level of SUCCESS you experience INTERNALLY - the happiness, joy, etc is the direct result of the way you COMMUNICATE to yourself - if you tell yourself you are too old for this and that, then you will be too old; if you tell yourself you will never lose weight, then you will not [...]

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Yoga improves wellness and can lower food cravings

Practicing yoga offers many benefits: stress reduction, increased energy and awareness, increased flexibility, focused mind and strong body. But with so many types of yoga in the modern world, choosing and beginning a program can be confusing and difficult — and misunderstandings abound. Do you have to practice postures (asanas) in a hot [...]

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Obtaining The Perfect Smile

We Brits have generally not had a very good reputation for having the perfect smile, but now thanks to the ease and popularity of teeth whitening that could be changing. From as soon as those first little teeth start appearing at just a few months old it is important to take care of your teeth [...]

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Vitamin D may boost weight loss

Vitamin D may boost weight loss. News study. Researchers measured blood levels of vitamin D in 38 overweight men and women before after an 11 week diet in which they consumed 750 fewer daily calories than their estimated total caloric needs. Result. Higher levels of vitamin D were associated with greater weight loss while following [...]

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Self-Care: Giving to yourself; the value of self-care

Self-care Wellness/Self-care is a crucial part of maintaining wellness and good health and is an optimum quality of life both in the present and for the future. It may be helpful to think of self-care as a way of living that consistently incorporates behaviors to help you revitalize renewing your energy, motivation and personal growth. [...]

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8-minutes to better sleep with yoga

Why yoga? Yoga is aimed to unite the mind, the body, and the spirit. Yoga helps you become more aware of your body's posture, alignment and patterns of movement. Yoga makes the body more flexible and helps you relax even in the midst of a stress stricken environment. Yoga helps you to feel fitter, be [...]

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