Dr. Kaplan’s Lifestyle of the Fit & Famous: A Wellness Approach to Thinking & Winning

A comprehensive guide to the formulas and principles of Fat Loss, Exercise, Vitamins, Success and Happiness.Visit merchant

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The Gift of Health: The Complete Pregnancy Diet for Your Baby’s Wellness–from Birth Through Adulthood

A revolutionary discovery called the Fetal Origins of Chronic Disease is changing how we eat during pregnancy. Now, pregnant women can choose a diet that not only influences their babies' health at birth -- but also has an impact on the health of the adults their babies will become. The focus of national media attention, [...]

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Health and Wellness

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Ibiza Detox: Easy Juices (The Ibiza Detox)

Already a bestseller on Kindle!Sixty delicious and easy juice and smoothie recipes from the creators of The Ibiza Detox Diet Plan. We've hand picked a selection of our favourite juices for you to enjoy in this recipe book that features tasty treats that can be whipped up in seconds.Juicing is a great way to get [...]

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Nutrition and Autism (Wellness Talk Radio talks with Judy Converse)

Nutrition and Autism features the transcripts from an exclusive and informative Interview on Wellness Talk Radio with Host Kris Costello and Judy Converse, a registered Dietitian and Author or Special Needs Kids Eat Right.Here are some of the critical parenting issues we discuss in Nutrition and Autism,How to find help for your childHow to tell [...]

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Whole Health Healing: The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages

Your health and your wallet will benefit when you apply even one of the recommendations presented in Whole Health Healing. You'll find: specific natural help for more than 40 common maladies, like arthritis, digestive disorders, weak immunity, and more; safe, effective, and easy exercises/stretches and those to avoid; how to stay healthy while growing older; [...]

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Betty Crocker Cookbook for Women: The Complete Guide to Women’s Health and Wellness at Every Stage of Life (Betty Crocker Books)

EAT WELL, LIVE WELL! You do a lot for your family. But what do you do for yourself? Betty Crocker Cookbook for Women is full of recipes and advice to help you stay well-fed, fit, positive and healthy, decade after decade. And by being good to yourself, you're also being good to your family. Open [...]

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Heart Attack and Back: Twenty Years Later: Commitment to Wellness

At the age of forty-seven, Ross J. Giordano suffered a near fatal heart attack. Fortunately, he came out of the ordeal with minor heart damage, only requiring bypass surgery. Heart Attack and Back is Giordano's story of health restoration through lifestyle modifications, and it is his gift to readers who are struggling with making the [...]

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Dr. Vagnini’s Healthy Heart Plan: A Surgeon’s Approach to Natural and Allopathic Treatment for Cardiovascular Wellness

A surgeon's approach to natural and allopathic treatment for cardiovascular wellness. This book covers surgery, drug therapy as well as alternative medicine and diet. A one-stop shopping book for anyone concerned with heart disease.Visit merchant

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Heart Care for Life: Developing the Program That Works Best for You (Yale University Press Health & Wellness)

More than 70 million Americans have some form of heart disease. For each of them, obtaining accurate information about the disease and the many options for dealing with it can be both empowering and life saving. In this book, cardiologist Dr. Barry L. Zaret and Genell Subak-Sharpe offer up-to-date facts about the best treatments available [...]

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