56-day training plan for 50-mile, Gainesville, Florida, Sanfelasco race

You will need a heart rate monitor and this training should be done at a track or someplace where bike riding is relatively safe. This plan is based on a 3-day/week training plan with one interval, one trail, one distance, and an optional interval-training day if you can fit it in. Interval and distance training [...]

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Rx Overtraining: Prescription for overtraining

Up to 70 percent of runners sustain overuse injuries during any one-year period, according to a study from California State University. One runner who knows the signs is Suzy Favor Hamilton, a four-time Olympian and author of Fast Track: Training and Nutrition Secrets From America's Top Female Runner (Rodale, 2004). "If you have any of [...]

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Hormones: Are they the cause for your weight gain?

They affect cravings, metabolism and your ability to maintain your weight. Here's how to make them work in your favor. As your body's master chemicals, hormones can have a profound effect on your emotions, appetite and metabolism. It’s easy to blame the occasional mood swing or candy craving on your hormones.  After all, your body is being [...]

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Strength training vs. Cardio; Why strength training will always trump aerobics

Strength training vs. Cardio aerobics, here's why strength training will always trump aerobics Strength training is important, it builds muscle which prevents injury and keeps our bodies healthy. Most women, when faced with the task of fitting an appropriate exercise regimen into their tight schedules, tend to focus their limited time on those activities that [...]

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How to calculate your calorie expenditure using resting basal metabolic rate?

According to Dr. Berning, Associate Professor of  Nutrition at the University of Colorado, to estimate how many calories you are burning  the simple step-by-step formula below for women uses Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) as a basis for the calculation. What is metabolism? Metabolism is the biochemical process of combining nutrients with oxygen to release the [...]

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What is Wellness, Health & Fitness Coaching

I am convinced that more and more people in our generation (20 - 50) and generations past (60 +) could benefit from some type of coaching either: life coaching or wellness coaching… Wellness coaching model is based on the transtheoretical model (TTM) — currently, the most popular stage model in health psychology (Horwath, 1999) — [...]

Life support: Getting the help you need to stay healthy

You keep promising yourself that you will get healthy for good. But when you are on your own, you're more likely to lose your energy, your motivation and your ability to remember why donuts and ice cream were so bad in the first place. If you need a way to keep yourself on track find [...]