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LifeMeds Wellness Services ( hereto known as ‘LWS’, mission is to help individuals and families change their lives and their lifestyles return to, achieve, and/or maintain optimal health and fitness.

As your health, fitness, and wellness coach, our goal is to assist you in creating a lifestyle program to help you maximize your potential and encourage improved health throughout your life. LWS believes that optimal wellness is a dynamic, lifelong pursuit and it is our mission to help you explore new ways to achieve the best results for your personal well-being. Working together, you will learn how to enjoy fitness, get results, and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

LWS is [Benny] and [Christy] Jones. Benny is a wellness enthusiast and technologist, using technology to promote health and fitness. Benny holds a bachelor degree in Exercise and Sport Science and a Master of Business Administration and enjoys inspiring and helping people in any way he can with their health and fitness goals. Christy Jones is a certified Health and Fitness Coach through [] endorsed by [American College of Sports Medicine] (ACSM) and holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Education. Christy is a trained Wellness Coach with over 10 years of experience in the industry and has a passion for empowering and educating individuals, families, and children.

LWS is educated and credentialed [health and fitness (wellness) coaches] who believe you have an innate ability to change your life and your lifestyle from the point where you are in your life right now. LWS doesn’t believe in popular quick-fix or yo-yo diets; over-priced or over-hyped diet pills, powders or potions; mind-numbing or extreme workouts. We do believe that that every individual has their own set of goals and we work collaboratively with you through personal training and fitness coaching, to successfully achieve your goals and enhance your quality of life. We believe and advocate what we believe our the four pillars of health; MEDS which we will help you integrate into your lifestyle. To learn about MEDS please visit LWS [mission statement].

We know it takes work to be healthy, so we make the information as easy (and — gasp — as fun) as possible. We’ll show you how mind, body and food work together to help you feel better and fight or even reverse aging and disease. Even better, we’ll show you how to reach your goals with small steps to help you achieve your larger wellness goals. Once you start living a healthier life, we think you’ll see how addicting it can be. And that kind of addiction — we’re all for.

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