Christy Jones, BS Health Education Science (University of Florida), Certified Wellness Coach (CWC)

Christy Jones
Christy JonesWeight-loss & Wellness Coach
Christy earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida in Health Science Education with a focus on Health Promotion and Wellness. She is a certified Health & Wellness Coach through and has a passion for empowering and educating individuals to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Christy has over 20 years experience in the Health and Wellness industry. She taught 1st grade, physical education, and high school girl’s health for 4 years in Jacksonville, FL. During this time she developed the premiere physical education program used by the school.

She continues to educate herself through continuing education courses and through her love for reading self-improvement and health/fitness books. In addition, she is currently pursuing her Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certification through the American College of Sports Medicine.

About Bachelor of Science in Health Science Education

Because of scientific advances occurring during this century, morbidity and mortality caused by contagious and infectious diseases have declined markedly. Unfortunately, these diseases have been replaced by chronic and degenerative disorders resulting from improper diet, lack of exercise, substance abuse, stress, unintentional injuries, pollution and an expanding array of lifestyle and health behavior problems. With appropriate health education interventions, many of these problems can be prevented or controlled. A health educator (going forward as HE) as a foundation in the social and biological sciences and focuses on health information. HE’s learn techniques to promote healthy lifestyle choices in individual and group settings.

HE’s with an interest in community and public health education complete coursework focused on illness and disease prevention among special target groups within a particular community, with the ultimate goal of providing practical health information to diverse population groups through the use of theory-driven educational methods.

HE’s with an interest in health promotion complete coursework that prepares for careers in employee-assistance programs and corporate or hospital-based wellness centers. Many companies utilizing large employee populations have noticed a significant decrease in absenteeism and an increase in work productivity for those employees actively participating in an employee wellness program. In addition, insurance rates tend to be lower for those employees thus providing an incentive for employers to offer such programs. Employee wellness programs can include sessions for smoking cessation, nutritional guidelines, stress relief, injury prevention, and might include running an on-site gym.

Bachelor Science, Health Science Education, University of Florida

Health Science Education Curriculum

  • Applied Human Anatomy with Laboratory, University of Florida
  • Applied Human Physiology with Laboratory, University of Florida
  • Fundamentals of Human Nutrition, University of Florida
  • Applied Human Anatomy with Laboratory, University of Florida
  • Foundations of Health Education, University of Florida
  • Personal and Family Health, University of Florida
  • Health Science Specialization Courses, University of Florida
  • Community and Environmental Health, University of Florida
  • Planning and Evaluating Health Education Programs, University of Florida
  • Methods and Materials in Health Education, University of Florida
  • Health Education Professional Development, University of Florida

Health educator’s can:

  • Assess individual and community health education needs;
  • Develop, plan and implement effective health education programs;
  • Evaluating health education program effectiveness;
  • Coordinate the provision of health education services;
  • Act as a resource person in health education; and
  • Communicate health/health education needs, concerns and resources.

Certified Wellness Coach Education, Wellcoach Corporation

Wellness Coach Curriculum

Wellness coaches work with clients in-person or by phone, in formal coaching programs or short interventions and visits, in individual or group programs, and a variety of settings – particularly with individuals and groups yearning to live their best life.

  • Defining the Role of the Coach, Wellcoaches Corporation
  • Growth-Promoting Relationships, Wellcoaches Corporation
  • Thriving: Being Skills and Coaching Presence, Wellcoaches Corporation
  • Expressing Compassion, Wellcoaches Corporation
  • Celebrating Our Best, Wellcoaches Corporation
  • Eliciting Motivation to Overcome Ambivalence, Wellcoaches Corporation
  • Building Self-Efficacy, Wellcoaches Corporation
  • Readiness to Change, Wellcoaches Corporation
  • Building Dreams and Visions, Wellcoaches Corporation
  • How Fascinating! Crafting Designs, Wellcoaches Corporation
  • The Heart and Mind of Coaching: Generative Moments, Wellcoaches Corporation
  • Measuring Results: The Coaching Partnership, Wellcoaches Corporation
  • The On-Going Coaching Relationship, Wellcoaches Corporation
  • Mechanisms of Action and Coaching Trends, Wellcoaches Corporation

Wellness coaches can:

Christy Jones, BS Health Education Science (University of Florida), Certified Wellness Coach (CWC)Wellness coaches give their clients the motivation and tools they need to achieve their physical and emotional health goals. Wellness coaches can show you steps to take and give you encouragement to reach goals. Wellness coaches will be able to do the following:

  • Describe and apply the key ingredients and dynamics that

    facilitate lasting change and growth

  • Elicit mindful self-awareness and insights, catalysts for

    change in mindset and behavior

  • Apply self-determination theory and motivational interviewing

    techniques to support clients in uncovering the

    autonomous motivation associated with lasting change

  • Leverage the science of positive psychology to help clients

    apply their strengths, and gain the capacity to adapt to

    setbacks, and to change and thrive

  • Help clients develop self-efficacy and resilience, outgrowing

    resistance to change

  • Learn how and when to provide expert advice or referrals

    to enable just-in-time learning of knowledge and skills

  • Apply principles of goal setting theory in helping clients

    design engaging visions and goals that spur them to go

    beyond what they can do alone

Health & Fitness Experience

Christy has over 20-years experience in the health and fitness industry

    • Health & Wellness Coach, Active. Healthy. Well.
    • Corporate Wellness Manager Vistakon, Jacksonville, Florida
    • Physical Education Teacher, Jacksonville, Florida
    • Health Education Teacher, Jacksonville, Florida
    • Jacksonville Jaguars Professional Cheerleader, Jacksonville, Florida

    Coaching Competencies

    Christy continues to seeking continued growth and learning

    Fitness Coaching 90
    Weight-loss Coaching 100
    Wellness Coaching 1000
    Fitness Assessment 85
    Nutrition Coaching 95
    Exercise Prescription & Assessment 85
    Personal Training 80
    Health Risk Appraisals 90

    Christy’s Blog

    Vibrant Healthy Mom

    • VIBRANT – vigorous, energetic, a vibrant personality
    • HEALTHY – possessing good health, conducive to good health, healthful, a healthy attitude
    • MOM – a woman who has given birth to a child or has raised a child

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    Christy’s Slideshow 2008 – Present

    Various photos from 2008 to present (mouse-over-image: click left or right arrows).

    The photos in the slideshow is a retrospective from prior to my pregnancy in 2008 when I was 150lbs to present. During that time, I gained 63lbs, 20lbs from the pregnancy (4/2009) and another 40lbs due to various health issues including low thyroid. My weight topped out at 213lbs at it's height (2010 - 2013) as I struggled for more than 4 years including cycling through doctors, treatments, and drugs. Now, I am healthy, happy and back down to my pre-pregnancy weight and enjoying life. The answer for me was JERF (Just Eat Real Food) and for most people it'll always be the food because food is the catalyst that drives all biochemical actions in the body. Sign up for my FREE Webinar to find out how I can help you reclaim your health.

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