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And find out how I beat hormonal issues and lost 30lbs within 3-months and how you can too.

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  • Why Fat Won’t Make You Fat And Is Necessary For Weightloss
  • Why Working Out Can Be Counter Productive In The Beginning
  • Why Paleo Isn’t the Answer All The Time
  • And So Much More

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Customer Success Stories

“Christy used wellness coaching effectively”

…It’s hard to say because I think I saw you more as an accountability touch point. As you mentioned several times I came in very motivated having sought you out to facilitate what I had started as opposed to someone who may use your service to placate a spouse, parent or other significant person in their life. If you will, Tiger Woods still has a coach/mentor even though he is considered the greatest golfer in the world. I think I was seeking someone to give me live feedback and technique which you can’t get from a book…”

– Ed F., Jacksonville, Florida

“Christy helped me put proper perspective on life as far as mind, body, emotional state and relationships to work, family, and friends… My experience exceeded my expectations, as I didn’t know what to expect only that I needed some guidance. Christy is a great listener and I guess she felt and told me what I needed to know that made all the difference for me.”
Michael K., Jacksonville, Florida
“I had specific weightloss requirements that I needed to meet in order to qualify for a specific program and Christy provided the plan, diet and coaching that transcended the short-term goal that I had and has allowed me to maintain my weight.”
Dr. Robert F., Fleming Island, Florida
“Christy without a doubt is skilled at what she does even though our contact has been via phone she is really personable and down to earth… Christy is reassuring and has a way of getting down to the nitty gritty.”
Koko P., Jacksonville, FL
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